About us

The goal of Vetyalfa Oy is to enable the annual production of 100,000 tons of hydrogen in 2030, corresponding to about 10% of Finland’s total target, and to constantly increase production as the market opens. Vetyalfa Oy promotes Finland towards a green hydrogen economy while enhancing regional vitality by licensing production facilities for refined products, such as e-methanol, e-methane, and ammonia alongside hydrogen plants.


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Vetyalfa is a subsidiary of Tuulialfa

The two companies are cooperating to develop green hydrogen production plants, various further processing projects, and electricity storage projects from wind and solar power. Together, Tuulialfa and Vetyalfa can build a unique value chain for the market. Vetyalfa has the opportunity to utilize Tuulialfa’s portfolio (6000 MW) as a source of green renewable energy.